Learn the basics of balanced eating with the Balanced Basics Handbook!

Take the guesswork out of making healthy, balanced choices with this step-by-step starter guide for finding balance with food.

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You’ve tried all of the trendy diets already. You’ve tried “just eating less” more times than you can count. Even though you want to have balance with food more than anything, nothing seems to be sticking. Even though you’ve dieted for as long as you can remember, you’re still left with tons of questions!

-How much should I eat?

-When should I eat?

-How many carbs should I eat at each meal?

-What makes a meal balanced?

-What if I have poor self control?

The Balanced Basics Handbook is for you if you:

  • Are confused about how, what and when you should be eating
  • Want to learn exactly how to eat a balanced diet
  • Overeat but struggle to eat less
  • Want to have more control and mindfulness with your food choices 
  • Want more flexibility and freedom around food but still want to be healthy

In The Balanced Basics Handbook, you'll learn how to:


✔️ Put together balanced, satisfying meals using a simple, flexible method

✔️ Understand protein, carbs and fat without obsessing over them

✔️ Determine the best meal timing strategy for you

✔️ Be mindful and aware of nutrients (not fearful!) when making food decisions

✔️ Eat healthy, balanced meals without having to rely on self-control or willpower

I need this!

“I have two kids and I just don’t have time for intense dieting anymore like I tried in my twenties. I’ve followed you for a long time and using the handbook has been so pivotal for my journey with food, so thank you. I feel more in control, less stressed about what I’m choosing, and more confident that I’m making good choices!”


What you're getting:

A Step-By-Step, Comphrehensive Guide

The Balanced Basics Handbook includes 100+ pages of easy-to-follow guidance for finding balance with food. You'll learn everything from the nutrient basics, to building balanced plates, to improving your mindset around healthy eating. 

35 Easy, Balanced Recipe Ideas

Included in the handbook is 35 easy, balanced recipe ideas that you can have in your back pocket forever. You don't need to be a master chef or spend hours in the kitchen meal prepping to make delicious, healthy meals!

A Simple, Flexible Balanced Eating Method

There's no calorie tracking, no macro counting, and no complicated food rules. In this handbook you learn the details of my super flexible Balanced Meal Method and exactly how to implement it with ease.

Your Diet FAQs & Myths Answered

The handbook also covers my most frequently asked dieting questions and food myths. A few examples: Do carbs cause weight gain? Should you stop eating after a certain time? How do you gain more willpower around "bad" foods? 

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The Balanced Basics Handbook


 A step-by-step starter guide to finding balance with food + 35 Easy Balanced Recipes!

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By the way-Hi, I'm Jamie!

I'm a Registered Dietitian and fellow ex-dieter. My passion is helping women just like you work through my proven approach, step-by-step so that you can feel AS amazing and confident as I do with food.

I know exactly how discouraging it feels to try to be "healthy" only to end up back in the same place each time, more frustrated than ever. My personal experiences with food and struggles with my own body are what inspired me to pursue becoming a dietitian. I now live my life enjoying and including all foods without guilt, and I want that for you too!

Food is a huge part of our lives, yet no one ever teaches us HOW to eat. I'm here to change that with you!

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